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Nature is future

Home: Bienvenido

Who am I?

I am fascinated about nature since I can remember. When I became aware about the ecosystem destruction and biodiversity loss that Earth is facing, I decided to stop it. I, then, became a conservationist, and I have specialized in herbivore-ecosystem interactions to improve ecosystem resilience by trophic rewilding. I also love science divulgation among non-scientific people to share all the knowledge I can. My aim is to work in trophic rewilding and work in science divulgation around all Europe.

- Currently working as a Research Assistant in TUNDRAsalad project in the Agricultural University of Iceland. -

Home: Biografía


2019 -2020

Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)

Master's thesis about the effects of large herbivores on biogeochemical cycles (ongoing publication)

2018 - 2019

Nature Conservation Internship

 Ambios Ltd (UK)

Land conservation, forest management, and trophic rewilding with livestock.

2014 - 2018


Universitat de Girona (Spain)

Bachelor thesis on a European project (LIFE+ LIMNOPIRINEUS) about the restoration of pristine high mountain lakes in the Pyrenees, Spain

Home: Educación

Personal projects

Brief overview of my interests and motivations

To share knowledge is one of the principal aims of science; even so, non-scientific people is getting behind on this amazing world. This is a personal space made to reach as many people as possible, and explain them about nature conservation.

Thedrunkracoon is a brand born of the necessity of reduce plastic bags. With the desired design of the costumer, a 100% organic cotton totebag is handmade painted with environmental friendly materials.

Overview of the biodiversity and ecosystem conservation projects I am/have been working in.

Home: Proyectos

Hard skills




Spanish - Native

Catalan - Native

English - C1 (IELTS, 2021)
French - B1 (Official Language School of Barcelona, 2021)

Adobe Illustration
R and R-studio

Open Water (Buceo Hispania)

Scientific Illustration (Estudis Superiors d'Olot)

Land Management (Ambios LTD)

Home: Habilidades

Soft skills

Home: Habilidades

Assertive communication

With the conferences and small talks I have performed, I have learned to communicate clearly my ideas, and also to listen and understand people with different ideas/opinions.


Conservation-related jobs and experiences

2021 - Currently

TUNDRAsalad Research Project

Research assistant in Landbúnaðaháskóli íslands (Agricultural University of Iceland)

Understanding the role of herbivore diversity in tundra ecosystems, to provide the information required to begin to develop management and conservation actions for a rapidly changing Arctic. More info about the project here.

Team management, soil sampling, insect sampling, vegetation identification, scientific writting

2020 -2021

INCREMENTO Research Project

Field assistant in Wildlife Ecology & Health (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Assessment of the effects of large herbivores introduction in ecosystem integrity on a 20-year enclousure. More info about the project here

Team management, field assistance, environmental education

2017 - 2018


Bachelor's thesis at CEAB - CSIC (Superior Council of Scientific Studies).

High mountain lakes restoration in the Pyrenees thought habitat enhancement by fishing an invasive species (Salmo trutta). Bachelor's thesis here

Insect identification from salmon gut samples, scientific writting. 


Empordà Wetlands Internship 

Internship in an avian conservation center on a protected Natural Park within the Natura 2000 Network (Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Spain).

Environmental education, care of the animals, habitat improvement


Loggerhead sea turtle Conservation

Sea Turtle Conservation in Natura 2000 organization (Cape Verde)

Monitoring population and nests, relocation of eggs laying in non-suitable nesting areas into a hatchery, citizens awareness and sensibilization of sea turtle's conservation.

Home: Experiencia

"Rewilding is not about abandoning civilization but about enhancing it".

George Monbiot

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