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Nature is future


Who am I?

I am fascinated about nature since I can remember. When I became aware about the ecosystem destruction and biodiversity loss that Earth is facing, I decided to stop it. I, then, became a conservationist, and I have specialized in herbivore-ecosystem interactions to improve ecosystem resilience by trophic rewilding. I also love science divulgation among non-scientific people to share all the knowledge I can. My aim is to work in trophic rewilding and work in science divulgation around all Europe.

- Currently working as a Research Assistant in TUNDRAsalad project in the Agricultural University of Iceland. -



2019 -2020

Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)

Master's thesis about the effects of large herbivores on biogeochemical cycles (ongoing publication)

2018 - 2019

Nature Conservation Internship

 Ambios Ltd (UK)

Land conservation, forest management, and trophic rewilding with livestock.